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The cannabis space is filled with retailers that pay no heed to educating consumers; worse still, many retailers even populate the space with misinformation. It’s for this reason that the name Clarity Cannabis™ was chosen – our core ethos is dispelling myths, offering unbiased education, and empowering responsible choices.

Brought to being by an experienced team of industry-leading pharmacists, internal medicine specialists, and entrepreneurs, Clarity Cannabis™ serves to offer safe and informed access to adult-use cannabis. Clarity™ is seeking to accomplish this by offering important community education and harm-reduction initiatives alongside exceptional consumer support, both in-store and online.

On how Clarity Cannabis™ came to be, founder and industry-leading pharmacist Michael Forbes stated he “[…] felt like there was a clear gap in the market for thoughtful, educated and personalized assistance. The cannabis retail space is already overrun by companies with no clear focus on consumer education, and we want to change that,” adding “I really feel that pharmacists are the best trained to be able to dispense drugs to the public in a safe and effective manner.”

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